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Water Management Solutions

Dewatering, Water Transfer, Fluid Storage and Disposal

Whitewater is situated on the front line of water delivery technologies, water management solutions and water use regulations. With excellent safety leadership, a reputation for problem solving, and decades of dedicated industry expertise, we provide a turnkey water management program for our clients. From planning, permitting and compliance to recycling, takedown and re-use, Whitewater has every aspect covered.

From head office to deep in the field, a culture of integrity, respect and excellence underpins everything we do. This culture allows us to build close-knit crews and foster solid customer relationships. It enables us to work smarter, and it empowers us to provide an unsurpassed set of offerings.



Why Whitewater?


INVENTORY -Owning and not renting our equipment, means we have better up-time, better response time - and lower costs.

EXPERIENCE - Not renting means our field technicians are properly trained.

COST - Our customers have the lowest cost per cubic meter of water transfer in Western Canada.

FOCUS -Whitewater is only in the Fluid Management Services business. We don't dabble in what we do, and we don't do anything-else.






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Water When you Need it


Whitewater plans and executes water logistics programs for industry and governments across western Canada. Our services are delivered by skilled, experienced personnel with deep expertise in meeting the industry’s most complex water management challenges. Projects vary, but the results are the same: reliable, trustworthy water sources that won't run dry, freeze up or fail.

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Productivity Flows Through us


There are few water management companies as consistent, trustworthy and reliable as Whitewater. We'll trudge through mud and snow. We'll work through the night and we will find a way. From ultra-tight deadlines to the ugliest conditions, we work in lockstep with our clients to ensure their water needs are met, no matter the challenges.

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Great Careers Begin Right Here


From casual career, a spectrum of opportunities await at Whitewater. We reward employees for their performance, and we endeavour to provide job stability in a fluctuating marketplace. Our aim is to recruit, mentor and retain people who share our vision, contribute to our strategy, and maintain our unwavering commitment to client relationships.

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Helping Progressive Organizations Succeed

Whitewater helps some of the world's leading companies meet their water management needs with resourcefulness, proficiency and an ever watchful eye on the bottom line.


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